Get the timely data you need to make crucial money-saving decisions, cut down on unnecessary work, and stay on top of your bills and contracts to boost your bottom line.

Crucial Visibility

AgCode gives you an overhead view of your operation, while allowing you to get into the important details when you need them. Along with our budgeting tools, you’ll always know where you stand and be able to improve accordingly.

  • Dashboards with Summarized Data
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Precise Budgeting

Cost-Saving Changes

AgCode’s tools make day-to-day routines streamlined and efficient. Invoicing, payroll and crucial paperwork can all be generated in AgCode, drastically cutting down time and costs.

  • External Billing

  • General Block Costing

  • Labor Data and Payroll

Data-Driven Decisions

Having AgCode’s up-to-the-minute data from the field and in the office means profit-driving decisions are made in a well-informed, timely manner. You’ll confidently make the choices you need to for your bottom line.

  • Cloud-Based Data Access
  • Dashboards with Summarized Data
  • Farm Planning

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