Farmer founded and built since 2003, AgCode’s single-platform farm management software has always been created with customers in mind.  Our solutions are tailored to suit each grower, crop and operation, and are easy to use from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Season Planning

    • Plan your season using historic data with details down to the field level.
    • Create operational and financial plans based on accurate, block-level numbers.
    • Track actuals to your budget and respond to changing conditions swiftly.

Crop Estimates

    • Create annual crop estimates segmented by phenology.
    • Keep multi-field records.
    • Gain more accuracy every year with historical data.

Weather Tracking

    • Get ranch-specific weather forecasts to aid planning and operations.

Labor Management

    • Manage time of crews or individuals, employees or contractors, calculated by the crew or individual.
    • Configure pay rules for employees based on their job classification to calculate earned pay.
    • Get alerts on state overtime rules.
    • Gain accuracy with multi-step approval and audit processes.
    • Utilize ID badges and bar codes for clocking in and out.


    • Create work orders for all of your field operations and assign them to your team.
    • Login to the mobile AgCode system to manage your crew’s workorders from the office or on the fly in the field.

Pesticide Applications

  • Track chemical and pesticide applications in the field.
  • Quickly pull reports ready to be sent directly to government and regulatory entities.


  • Easily track equipment use as you go.
  • Assign specific equipment to workorders.
  • Set an automated maintenance schedule for each piece of equipment.

Field Scouting

  • Record everything that happens in the field from pest scouting to crop maturity.
  • Attach a GPS location and photos to notes in AgCode to easily find infestations and hotspots.

Irrigation and Water Management

  • Plan based on ETO, soil moisture or frequency.
  • Record irrigation events in the field with the AgCode mobile app.


  • Coordinate harvest crews and equipment, and quickly react as conditions change.
  • Monitor block and variety-level yields in real time.


  • Receive deliveries at the scale.
  • Print waterproof certified weight tickets in the field.
  • Trace loads or bins back to the block.
  • Eliminate losses due to misassigned loads, missing tickets and theft.


  • Visualize your entire operation on a detailed map.
  • View maps by crop, activities, maturity controls, field inspections, and more.


  • Pre-configure and customize smart check lists for any activity, including field inspections, safety, pre-equipment usage, PPE or COVID questionnaires, and more.
  • Ensure specific requirements are met regardless of the need.


  • Record individual or crew time for hourly and piece work.
  • Integrate your existing payroll software with the AgCode system.
  • Audit payroll records for errors and discrepancies.
  • Print timecards for employee signature.

Block Costing

  • Track your entire costs as they’re completed for true block level profit and loss.
  • Be confident that you’re capturing all of your costs.
  • Produce budget variance for owners or summary reports to billed parties.


  • Markup and bill third parties for work performed, materials, and equipment usage.
  • Provide summary or granular reports to billed parties.

Contract Management

  • Document contract details and track allocations.
  • Tie payments back to the block and/or variety.

Smart Dashboards

  • Customize for your needs.
  • Gain valuable business intelligence at a glance.
  • Accurately measure KPIs for your most important activities.
  • Drill into the details to maximize your day.

Web and Mobile Applications

  • Discover purpose-built applications for in-office administrative and management teams
  • Utilize our mobile application for in-field work, functional and accessible with or without internet access.
  • Choose from multiple languages to suit your team’s needs.

Unlimited Users and Role-Based Security

  • Set up your whole team to ensure everyone can see exactly what they need in order to get their job done.
  • Designate security level based on Job Category or Ranch.


  • Stay on top of safety compliance, sustainability records, pesticide reporting, overtime and pay regulations.


  • Be prepared for audits with quick, simple and accurate reporting at your fingertips.

AgCode Passive™

  • Track equipment and labor activities with GIS devices while they happen.
  • Monitor block completion on a daily basis.
  • Gain a clear view of productivity levels and efficiency.
  • Load seamlessly into your AgCode system.

Integrated Solutions

  • Maintain systems that are currently working for your organizations by integrating with AgCode.
  • AgCode continuously integrates a broad range of third party systems and data from ERP systems and more. Click here for the full list.

Integrated Hardware

  • Maximize AgCode’s potential and capabilities through integrations with third party hardware solutions from equipment tracking to soil moisture systems and more.


  • Manage scalable data analysis with our interface.

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