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Providing mission-critical services for specialty crop acres since 2003.


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AgCode launched its Vineyard Management Solutions in 2003. Our software is essential to specialty crops around the world from California to Australia and New Zealand. Since its inception, AgCode has expanded from vineyard management to high-value specialty crops such as apples, cherries, sweet corn and blueberries.

Built with the insight and support of some of the biggest names in specialty agriculture, AgCode believes the relationship with our grower is what makes us so successful.

Software solutions

Our AM3 software is designed to give your team the ability to collect and manage everything from vineyard inspection to pesticide reporting, field notes and labor management.

Combined with our business intelligence engine, your organization will have the most powerful tool in the industry. AM3 is compatible with most financial reporting software used in agriculture and mobile devices.

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Most Powerful Tool In The Industry

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Harvest and scale


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