The Most Used Software in Specialty Crops

Our user focused solutions have set the standards for farm management systems. We give you the business intelligence you need with unrivaled accuracy.


People growers trust. Technology that works.

These days, every move a grower makes is pivotal. Since 2003, AgCode’s comprehensive farm management software has empowered our customers to make their best business decisions with the data they need, when they need it. We tailor our solutions to each crop, giving growers a clear overhead view of operations while maximizing efficiency.

Maximize efficiency.

Eliminate redundancy and an error-filled paper trail, streamline communications and make the best use of your equipment, labor and dollars.

Gain valuable insights.

Go deeper than the data with AgCode reporting and tracking to discover the details you need, when you need them, finding powerful business intelligence along the way.

Improve profitability.

Get the timely data you need to make crucial money-saving decisions, cut down on unnecessary work, and stay on top of your bills and contracts.

What our customers are saying.

“AgCode is striving to create the solutions that will get the farmers out of the office and back into the field.”
-Victor Faraco, Sebastian Farms

From enterprise growers to family farmers, AgCode’s customers have always been the driving force behind every piece of software we’ve built. They have plenty to say about their experience with our solutions (and we couldn’t have said it better).

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