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At AgCode, we have been customer driven since our inception in 2003. Our growers have always been the inspiration behind each piece of our software, and our service. Learn more about a handful of our customers and their AgCode experiences below.

Meet Greenwell Farms 

Learn how this Hawaiian coffee grower was able to seamlessly integrate AgCode into their everyday routine, even during the coronavirus pandemic.

Introducing AgCode customer Greenwell Farms, a coffee grower and processor in Hawaii. Located in Heart of Kona on the state’s Big Island, Greenwell Farms has been growing coffee since 1850 and is still family owned and operated today.

The Greenwell team officially signed on with AgCode in early 2020, with the coronavirus pandemic shutting down travel and in-person meetings shortly after. Even so, they’ve successfully launched with the help and direction of their AgCode field rep Miguel Delamora and the customer service team at our Minnesota headquarters.

“Miguel has made it easy to do online meetings and has been really flexible,” says Farm Manager Chris Hubert.

While both Chris and CFO Steve Hicks recognize that this year has presented unique challenges in taking on something new, they’re already seeing results and exciting progress with AgCode and our mobile application, AM3.

“The biggest problem for us has always been how to get accurate and timely information from the field to the office,” says Steve. “Now AM3 has created a huge paradigm shift for how we treat information at Greenwell Farms.”

“The other day I wanted to see when I had last applied an ant bed poison to the farm,” adds Chris. “I just went into the pesticide category in and bam— there it was. So much easier and really cool.”

While Greenwell’s administrative and field teams are learning more about AgCode every day, Chris and Steve are also looking forward to using the integrated scale function, detailed accounting features and more in the future.

Want to learn more about Greenwell Farms? Click here to check out their website.

“AgCode has allowed us to grow, to increase the number of employees we have, pieces of equipment, to plan how we’re going to do things, and to best utilize what we own currently.”

-Jason Donaho, Pina Vineyard Management

“Agriculture today is operating on a razor thin margin. With AgCode and their particular way of tracking our costs, the in-depth information we can get is hugely beneficial.”

-Gary Willis, Legacy Orchard Management

“Once you get started with AgCode, you’re going to see the instant benefits of it on a daily basis.”

-Marshall Edwards, Shaw Vineyards

“AgCode and their team are very progressive, always innovating, always looking to make things simple as well.”

-Victor Faraco, Sebastian Farms

“We can see on the fly where we are on a daily basis, next to our budget. AgCode has been a huge help in organizing and managing our workflow.”

-Jeff Baccus, Joseph Phelps Vineyards

“The biggest problem for us has always been how to get accurate and timely information from the field to the office. Now AM3 has created a huge paradigm shift for how we treat information.”

-Steve Hicks, Greenwell Farms

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