AgCode Customer Spotlight: Colinas Farming Company

Introducing Colinas Farming Company, a vineyard management operation based in Napa, California. Founded in 1975, the Colinas team farms nearly 1,000 acres, mostly Cabernet. Although they have been in business for over 45 years, the company maintains a forward-thinking approach.

“We strive to be sustainable, not just in the vineyard, but also economically,” says viticulturalist Jake Maus. “In the last 15 years, we have really started getting more into precision viticulture as the industry has moved that way.”

Colinas signed on with AgCode in 2016, onboarded and supported since by Field Rep Mike Bobbitt. They were motivated initially to create a more efficient payroll process, and “get out of the stone age,” says Jake.

“It used to take two or three people several days to get through payroll, make the corrections, print the checks and everything else,” he adds. “Now essentially one person does it in a single day. That alone has been huge, and has eliminated a lot of stress as well.”

Beyond the payroll portal, Jake and the Colinas team are utilizing field inspection regularly, eliminating repetitive work and a faulty paper trail. They are also working towards utilizing billing, budgeting and more.

“We look forward to future updates and to integrate more aspects of AgCode into our business,” says Jake. “It’s been a huge push in the right direction.”