Farm Managers Gone Tech: How Software is Changing the Growing Game

Chances are, we’ll never forget 2020. It is easy to say the world is changing rapidly, and one thing has become ultra-clear as our food supply chain is under a microscope: our farm managers are on the front line of growing food that feeds the world. As that task becomes ever more important, we expect managers and their teams to look for proven ways to improve inefficiencies in the field. Enter AgCode. 

AgCode is an all-in-one Farm Management Software system, with multiple modules packaged to create a simpler, streamlined day for ranch managers and growers. 

Simplified Payroll 
Payroll is a weekly or even daily headache for most farm managers, whether it be calculating the piece rate pay or making sure that a crew is not overworking. With our mobile application, AgCode helps farm managers see real time data about what their crew did each day. It tracks piece rate and allows them to adjust the current pay rate and compare the rate to minimum wage. This makes sure that managers are getting not only the most out of their crews but also shows who or which crew is being the most productive. 

Convenient Billing 
Along with payroll worries, farm managers are often stuckwith the stress of billing. Managers must keep track of detailed information on everything from labor to tractor hours and much more. With AgCode, labor can be tracked by the ranch or even down to the block level, with hours easily logged through the mobile app. The system keeps a detailed, dynamic log of all tractor and equipment usage, along with spray tracking through the mobile application and the desktop platform. Farm managers can pick which block or customers they’d like to focus on and generate a customized, itemized bill in just a few clicks. This ensures that all billing information is 100% accurate and customers or vendors can see every detail on their charges. 

Precise Field Inspection 
As every farm manager knows, field inspections are tough to track without a centralized place for the information to be gathered. With AgCode, all of the details logged in the field are stored together, giving managers a precise view of where different pests were found. This feature also includes a place for storing pictures to see how bad a particular pest population might be – even from a remote location. 

Dynamic Task Management 
The most successful farm managers are proactive and dynamic, as things can change on a daily basis for any farming operation and require swift and informed decisions. AgCode’s mobile application on iPhone and iPad gives managers access to a timely overhead view of ranch operations, and allows them to create work orders on the fly in the field. For example, a manager might have a crew on the ground that sees a field needs to be mowed. They can create a work order instantly in the app, updated throughout the database and visible to everyone in the organization. 

Efficient Communications 
Keeping crews on task is fast and easy for managers in AgCode as well. Through our desktop platform or mobile application, they can create work orders that are instantly visible to the crew bosses in the field, cutting down on unnecessary back and forth and keeping expectations clear. This combination of information and visibility from the mobile application and desktop interface gives farm managers the powerful data they need to make crucial decisions and changes in direction in a timely manner. 

From payroll features and detailed reporting to convenient billing, field inspection solutions and more, AgCode is the farm manager’s ultimate tool set. And as a vital link in the food supply chain, making their jobs more efficient and effective is one thing we should count on amid today’s uncertainties.