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 Management System Available

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AgCode Am3 Technology


Built and optimized for mobile technology and with the support of numerous farm operations, AM3 is designed around an efficient and effective data collection process. From pesticide reporting to labor management – your Enterprise is covered.

AM3 is tailored for all levels of farming operations. Collect data in the field and deliver unprecedented business intelligence and production data to your back office. Integrating mobile technology, .NET applications, and desktop tools, AgCode delivers agribusiness solutions.

Touch technology has changed the way consumers shop, socialize, 
                    and manage their time.  AgCode uses this technology to take data entry and 
                    field productivity to a new level.  AM3 for iPhone allows for complete Field 
                    Inspection and Scorecard functionality while AM3 for iPhone provides robust 
                    data entry for all production activities. Introduced in Spring 2012, AM3 for Android places the most 
                    versatile Field Inspection tool at your fingertips.  Enable your 
                    enterprise to personalize field attributes and scoring structures.  
                    One look at AM3’s Scorecard feature and you will be amazed. AgCode Mobile has been the preferred method of data entry 
                    for the AgCode System.  A complete input suite from Production 
                    to Scouting Activities, AgCode Mobile built for Window Mobile 
                    and Merge Replication continues to be a staple for AgCode Customers.